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Mt Ninderry Health Retreat/Healing Retreat offers intimate holistic retreats held over 7 or more days......Health Retreats for the mind, body and spirit- Sunshine Coast QLD 

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Whilst great focus is placed on the physical body, at Mt Ninderry Health Retreat we understand that at the core of every physical illness is an emotional blockage. Our primary focus is uncovering what that emotional block is, enabling us to get to the very core issue of any emotional or physical dis-ease in the body. Via a combination of Journey Emotional Healing, Reiki, Voice Dialogue, Massage, Laughter Therapy, Yoga and a vegetarian wholefoods diet, we have created a powerful healing package for you.

If you are looking for the perfect gift or are just needing some time out, you will love our retreat pamper packages. Gift Vouchers available for both healing retreat packages and pamper retreat packages.

HEALTH RETREAT TESTIMONIAL - Hi Lyn, I cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart for the three days I spent with you at your retreat. I am still buzzing three weeks later and laugh internally many times daily when I compare how I was before I came to you (stressed, literally bent over with pain, exhausted and feeling completely run down and disheartened by the different advice I had been given from Western surgeons, Chinese doctors and Naturopaths who all told me I needed to do something different to heal my stomach). You showed me what amazing healing power we all have inside of us and helped me connect with my body in a way that no other health system has done. From the moment I arrived I felt that I was in exactly the right place to learn exactly what I needed to learn to turn my life around. Your retreat was so transformational- not just one of those nice, relaxing times away that are so easily forgotten as soon as you get back to your 'real life'. You helped me change my 'real life' and I feel empowered, strong and complete on a daily basis which has helped me re-define 'quality' in my life. I cannot recommend you, your staff and your retreat programme highly enough to anyone wanting to feel happier, healthier, more in control and more vibrant in their daily lives.

I came here a shattered wreck, fell in the door and started to heal. In just 2 days my whole attitude had changed. The 5 Day health retreat gave me a chance to deal with my issues, rest, relax and enjoy. I go home much happier and much healthier with a new lease on life.
Lyn Gooch

- When I first came to the Retreat I had the advanced stages of ovarian cancer. I'd been given one month or so to live if I was lucky, so when a friend mentioned the work Lyn does at the Retreat I jumped at the chance and I'm so glad I did. From the moment I first met Lyn she made me feel so welcome in her home and she truly is a wonderful lady (and a fantastic cook!) Even if there were no health benefits to the retreat, I'd still go back just to spend time with such an amazing soul. I owe Lyn a lot of thanks, I don't know that I'd be here today if I hadn't been to the Retreat. During my week with Lyn, I started on an alkaline diet, drank too many cups a day of Jason Winters tea and MMS which I have no doubt helped me immensely with my fight. But by far the biggest thing though, was the emotional healing sessions. I had a lot of emotional baggage that I'd hidden away, I knew about it but I didn't know how to deal with it and never thought it would turn into something so sinister. During my week with Lyn I started healing over a few sessions and learnt how to continue with that healing after I returned home. I've been able to face my demons and fight this cancer where it actually started. Thanks to Lyn and the amazing work she does at the Retreat, not only was I well enought to marry my best friend last month, I also got to announce on the same day that I'm now in remission.

- Thank you! I was at the end of the line with pent up anxiety and in a constant state of flight or fight mode. The inner turmoil I was experiencing was horrible and I started feeling detached from my partner, friends and family and all of those people who just kept trying to fix me by saying things like "don't think like that", "be positive", "get over it". While I am sure they meant well, until you experience it you won't know how much you would just like to do exactly that and how impossible it is to do it read more .....
Sal xxx

- Lyn....Your wonderful Mt Ninderry Health Retreat was all and more than I expected. The healing and love did more for me in the first two days than all the therapies and healings I have had in the past five years. The food was delicious as well as nutritious, the therapies were intense and focused on the individual. There was no pressure to do anything. It is a place where one can take control of their own healing. Overall I found a pathway into a new health program. I highly recommend Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat to anyone who wants to access the tools to change their life.
Ruth MacDonald

HEALTH RETREAT TESTIMONIAL- I went to Mt Ninderry Health Retreat feeling alone, lost and very sad, not able to smile much or laugh at all, but when I left I felt so full of LOVE and HAPPINESS and I know now I can do whatever I want. Lyn I cannot thank you enough for what you did with me over the last 3 days, I have never felt so happy or content and in love with the universe. You are doing a magical job and I can see it is a passion of yours. We need more loving caring people like you in the world and now thanks to you I can be one of those people too. Thank you again beautiful angel.

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The contents of this website and my book are derived from Lynnie Nichols’ own first-hand experience and pure observation over the last 7 years running health/healing retreats, along with the wisdom gained through her own study. No warranties or claims are made as to the accuracy of the information provided and this extends to all aspects of the book contents. Lynnie Nichols claims no formal health credentials or indoctrination, therefore we must tell you that the content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and you should therefore check with your doctor before following any of the guidance in the contents of this book!
If you choose to follow this guidance, no responsibility will be accepted. Lynnie Nichols is not responsible for any third party websites, materials or products recommended throughout the book, these are purely resources for your convenience and are not endorsed in anyway by Lynnie Nichols.

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