About Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat ...

About Mt Ninderry Health Retreat... We are a wholistic health and healing retreat on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Due to the sale of our original premises, we are now running our retreats from different venues on the Sunshine Coast and around the country. 

Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat Sunshine Coast Qld is an intimate retreat focusing on both physical and emotional detoxification, with a maximum of six guests at any one time.

HEALING NATURALLY- Making the choice to heal naturally does not always come with optimism and support from loved ones. At Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat we offer a positive, supportive environment away from outside fears and negativity- where full focus is placed on facilitating the body back to a healthy balanced state allowing the innate healing ability of the body to work its miracles.

We treat illness as a teacher. We believe that at the very core of every illness, both physical and emotional is a degenerative cellular memory/blocked emotion. Great focus is placed on discovering what this is and then going about healing it. We do this via our very empowering emotional healing sessions.

Along with this we incorporate the 7 Principles of Health to facilitate natural healing including a delicious wholefoods diet, increased oxygen intake via Liquid Manna oxygenated water, gentle exercise and the soothing massage you deserve.
So, whether you are longing for much needed time out to re-energize, or dealing with serious illness, Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat, Sunshine Coast Qld is the welcoming, peaceful, empowering experience you are looking for.

Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat is a WHOLISTIC HEALING RETREAT.

Our team of therapists are passionate about natural health and helping others to find balance and equilibrium in their everyday life. With no more than 6 guests per retreat you can be assured that for 5 days/4 nights (or option for 7 days/6nights) this is our primary focus.

  • Are you longing for much needed time out and self nurturing?
  • Are you feeling run down and exhausted?
  • Are you suffering emotionally?
  • Are you wanting to improve your health?
  • Are you facing or healing from serious illness, including cancer?
  • Do you suffer depression and anxiety?
  • Are you longing to re-connect to your spiritual ‘true’ self?

If so, Mt Ninderry Health & Healing Retreat is the perfect place for you!

We understand that life is busy and life can be very stressful, so we are here to offer you the nurturing supportive environment you are longing for and so deserve! We will facilitate you to bring balance back into your life. This balance alone can be the catalyst to discovering creativity, inspiration and love of life.

Our holistic health & healing retreat will nurture your:

BODY with

  • Fresh organic juices, salads, soups and other wholefoods for improving your health (option for fasting)
  • Liquid Manna Oxygenated Spring Water
  • MMS- for killing off pathogens (if requested)
  • Gentle Daily Exercise
  • Massage
  • Yoga

The diet provided and juice fasting option will give a massive boost to your immune system. Our wholefoods diet provides the nutrients our bodies need to return to a healthy balanced state enabling the innate healing ability to work its magic and create ultimate health.  Natural Therapies such as Massage and Detox Body-Wraps will help to move blocked energy and assist the body in eliminating toxins.


  • A supportive sanctuary just to ‘BE’
  • Meditation for inner peace
  • Emotional healings to discover areas from your past and present that need healing- and then doing the necessary work to heal them.
  • Self awareness work via Voice Dialogue
  • Chakra Clearing/ Energy Healing- releasing energy blockages
  • Laughter- food for the soul
  • Satsang- offering a protective non judgemental environment to talk honestly and openly about anything you may feel the need to express during your healing of body, mind and spirit.

We truly are more than just a physical body. Healing the mind and the spirit can be the catalyst to miraculous healings of the physical body. You will be amazed what experiences from your past are caught up as degenerative cellular memories in any given physical condition or disease including addictions. Just nurturing of the soul alone will bring amazing changes to your attitude and energy levels.

Quick Run-Down of Your 5 Day Retreat

On arrival at Mt Ninderry Health & Healing Retreat and after settling in to your room we enjoy a fresh organic vegie juice and some afternoon tea to kick start our health regime and get the detox side of your retreat underway. This gives us time to have a chat, meet the other guests and find out what you are hoping to achieve from your retreat. The rest of this day is basically an introduction to natural health and raw food including a raw food demo that included hands on preparation of our first nights dinner together  The following day, after breakfast we dive straight into our retreat therapies which are scheduled over the retreat period depending on which retreat package you have chosen. There will be free time to read, listen to our informative CD's, or just relax. A wholefoods dinner is served around 6 O’clock, completing the day’s activities. After dinner you may choose to listen to a meditation CD, watch an inspirational DVD or take advantage of this ‘me time’ to read, journal etc.

Over a 5 Day Retreat period I like to encourage everyone to start the day with a half hour walk.  The lovely Mapleton Falls are just at the end of the road so it’s a perfect venue to get your daily exercise being one of the very important 7 principles of health.  Breakfast is approximately 8am. Therapies start around 9am and each person will have their retreat scheduled out to include everything offered in that particular package including any optional extras they may have opted for. Our therapies include Chi-Gong Laughter Therapy, Journey Emotional Healing, Voice Dialogue, Energy Healing, Massage, Psychic Readings, Detox Body-wraps, Reflexology, Facials and more.
This is YOUR Retreat, we are here to support you on your healing journey whether your primary focus is physical health or emotional healing.

We encourage you to make the most of your healing experience by participating in the scheduled therapies, but once again, this is YOUR Retreat and totally up to each individual as to what you participate in.

See our Daily Programme for an overview of how each day is structured, keeping in mind- each individual’s programme will depend on what package you have chosen and any additional extras you may have opted for.

So, once again

  • Are you longing for some self nurturing?
  • Are you longing for better health?
  • Are you wanting to heal naturally?
  • Are you sick of playing out the same scenario’s time and time again?
  • Are you yearing to re-connect with your 'true' self?
  • Are you wanting to find the true root cause of your physical illness?
  • Are you needing to find forgiveness and therefore closure with past experiences?

Then Mt Ninderry Healing & Health Retreat is the powerful, empowering, nurturing experience you have been longing for. We are truly excited to have the opportunity to support you on your healing journey and look forward to working with you very soon.

About Lyn

My lifelong passion for natural healing started when my daughter was 18 months old and suffering from chronic eczema. For almost 12 months she had to wear lace up boots on her feet 24 hrs a day so that she wouldn’t scratch them until they were red raw and bleeding. The itchiness would drive her crazy and because of this I found myself unable to take my eyes off her for even a second. This was such a horrible, stressful time for everyone. My visits to the doctor were to no avail and in fact would end in tears. I was constantly told that there was nothing they could do, we would just have to wait for her to grow out of it and in the meantime give her 15mls of phenergan every night, which I’m horrified to say, I did! Finally someone encouraged me to visit a dietician who explained to me all about salicylates and amines in foods and provided me with a very basic diet for my daughter. Well, I am not exaggerating when I say that 24hrs later, all of the itchiness had gone away and my baby girl was a completely different child who was actually able to see and feel her feet once again.

For the next 20 years my interest in natural health continued to grow. I found myself using alternative therapies whenever healing was needed for myself or my family. My spiritual journey has given me the knowledge that we are more than just a physical body and therefore true healing needs to take place on more than just the physical level to be complete. I have 100% faith that we have the capability to heal ourselves naturally, given the right environment and resources. I have seen this with my own eyes whilst assisting a 22 year old retreat guest with advanced ovarian, stomach, intestine, lung and bone cancer, heal herself naturally. When she came to the retreat she had been given 1 month to live……9 months later I was invited to her wedding where she announced she is now cancer free!

I believe everything is possible if we deal with toxicity of the body (emotional and physical) via emotional healing and internal cleansing and detoxifying of the physical body and then healing and re-vitalising our cells with the nutrients necessary for the body to heal itself. This is done solely via eating a natural wholefoods diet! I embrace this way of life. I really ‘get it’ that we are poisoning ourselves. I wish that I had of known what I know now when my children were young, before they were introduced to processed foods and meat, but I trust that ‘being’ the example of good health and vibrancy will be enough for them and hopefully you too, to one day embrace this way of life also.

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