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Whilst Mt Ninderry Health Retreat- Sunshine Coast Queensland,  is a retreat for the body, mind and spirit, great focus is placed on the emotional state of every guest via Journey or Voice Dialogue sessions.  Our view is that at the core of every illness is an emotional blockage/ degenerative cellular memory.  Our aim over your stay is to uncover that/those memories so that true healing can take place.


(Brandon Bays, the founder of The Journey process, cured herself of a football sized cancer of the uterus in only 6 weeks by accessing the cellular memory in the core of the tumour). 

Mt Minderry Daily HealingsQuantum Science has now proven that everything in the universe is made from energy, including Human Beings.  Therefore, it makes common sense that we need to heal ourselves on an energetic level via clearing emotional blockages/cellular memories that lead to the manifesting of illnesses on a physical level. If we can heal ourselves energetically before the blockage manifests into the physical, we will cure ourselves of disease before we even get the disease BUT if we don’t do this work early enough we will most certainly end up with physical illnesses, aches, pains and disease AND if we don’t do this work at all, but instead focus on healing only the physical, then we are only ever suppressing the symptoms but never really getting to the cause and therefore never achieving a true and complete healing.

Via The Journey Emotional Healing process we can access cellular memories at the very core of any physical illness.  This is a simple process of ‘feeling’ what is happening in our bodies.

There is scientific proof that our cells have memories and that blocked emotions/ traumatic memories are causing cells to degenerate!  These degenerative cellular memories are the cause of lifelong pain, anxiety, illness and disease.

Dr Deepak Chopra is a renowned endocrinologist and leader in the field of quantum physics.  His Healing Transformations therapy is based on the scientifically proven information that cells inside the body regenerate at different speeds.  For example, it takes less than 48 hrs for our bodies to completely regenerate the eye cells- that's right, so every 48 hrs we have completely new eyes!!  The liver cells regenerate every 6 weeks and the stomach lining every 3 days.   So then, if this is the case, how come if we need glasses today we are still needing glasses one week from today when the eye cells have regenerated several times??  How come if we had stomach cancer in January, it is not cured 3 days later when we have a completely new stomach lining??  Or liver cancer- why is it not cured 6 weeks later with our regenerated liver cells.

Dr Chopra explains that all of us have traumatic memories (phantom memories) stored inside our degenerative cells and before each degenerative cell dies, it passes on its memory to the new cell generation ensuring the new cell is born as an exact replica of the previous cell. Therefore, the cells keep passing on these traumatic memories from one generation to the next and to the next etc.  It is because of this passing of degenerative information from one cell to the next that disease, pain, anxiety etc continues to exist in the body even though the body's cells have completely renewed themselves.

On studying thousands of cases where successful survivors of cancer and other serious diseases healed themselves, Dr Chopra discovered that what they had in common was the process of 'cellular healing' where they were able to access the body's innate healing ability or 'Source Energy' as well as access the cellular memories and then resolve and let go of them, allowing the next cell generation to be free of the degenerative memory.

Dr Candace Pert², a cellular biologist backs up Dr Chopra’s research. Dr Pert has proven through laboratory experiments that emotions and the body are neurologically linked.  When we repress an emotion, it releases a chemical into the blood stream, going to certain cell receptors and blocking them, leaving them incapable of communicating with the rest of the cells in the body. When these cell receptors remain blocked for a long period of time, there is a great tendency for disease to occur in that area.  On the other hand though, Dr Pert has also found that when you are open to fully feeling and expressing emotions the cell receptors remain open.

Dr Paul Pearsall is a clinical neuropsychologist, a heart transplant specialist and the author of 18 best- selling books. His studies, backed up by scientific proof, show that cells have memories.  His books discuss cases where recipients of heart transplants start to have memories of incidents that have occurred in the donars life, such as in the case of a nine year old girl who received the heart of an 8 year old girl that had been murdered. The 9 year old from the day of the transplant started having nightmares of being murdered.  Her dreams were so vivid the girl was able to accurately describe the murderer including his name which then lead to the man being convicted of the murder.

Dr Deepak Chopra - Quantum Healing 
Candace B. Pert Ph.D. - Molecules of Emotion 

Dr Paul Pearsall- The Hearts Code

There are hundreds of transplant case studies suggesting that the memories of the donor are implanted with the organ to the recipient such as the case where a lady awoke from organ transplant surgery craving for McNuggets and chips, something she had never been interested in prior to her transplant surgery.  On investigation, she discovered that her donor was on his way to McDonalds to purchase McNuggets and chips when he was killed in a car accident.   

The Journey Process

The Journey Process developed by Brandon Bays is a simple technique that facilitates emotional and physical self healing in the shortest possible time. 

Via a meditative process of uncovering the emotional issues at the very bottom of any given physical illness, this process is able to catalyse profound healing results by accessing the core of any physical problem.

We all have emotional issues that we feel trapped by –be it anger, depression, grief, anxiety or fear, to that of even more extreme issues such as a feeling of complete failure and unworthiness.

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a powerful technique for increasing self awareness.  It involves a facilitator dialoguing with, (talking to), the different sides of a clients personality.

Who we really are goes so much deeper than what we show, there are many personalities just below the surface that are dying to let us know they exist and then there are others buried so deep within the subconscious that without a process like Voice Dialogue we may never know were there.

This technique is amazing in that each ‘self’ has its own story.  When dialoguing with them they can tell us when they became a part of our life, and the circumstances that brought them in. You will be amazed at how a simple action like moving from one chair to another is enough to bring out a new ‘self’ that has a completely different energy. 

As we re-connect with our ‘selves’ we can bring balance into our lives.  You will find that for every ‘self’, positive or negative, there is an opposite. By dialoguing with these opposite characters we are able to balance the parts of us that may be dominating our life, often to our detriment.
If you feel that one side of your personality is dominating your life, maybe your 'Pusher Self' won't let you take a break or your 'Inner Critic' won't stop criticizing you, Voice Dialogue will allow you to get in touch with that 'self' and find out why it is acting the way it does. (Often we find these 'selves' originate in childhood from programming passed on to us by our parents or other adult figures in our lives.)  From here we can access the opposite 'self'. Having the awareness of both sides then gives us a choice in life rather than running on auto-pilot and programs given to us by others that may actually be having a negative affect on our life today.
Negative Core Beliefs that are constantly hindering our life experiences will come to the surface as well as other subconscious blocks.  Voice Dialogue is helpful in making decisions, large or small, as we are able to clearly see both sides of any situation by speaking with the ‘self’ making the decision and the opposite ‘self’ also.

In Voice Dialogue we don't get rid of any side of us, we become aware of all sides and that is powerful! By unhooking from and not identifying with any one 'self' we become more emotionally and physically balanced and take back control of our lives.
This therapy is exceptionally good for people wanting to get to the core beliefs that are ruling their lives.  It is an empowering process for every individual, allowing them the opportunity to discover who they really are and why they live life the way they do.

A daily Reiki session will provide deep relaxation and healing energy.

The Usui system of Reiki is the most simple and natural healing method we know.

Reiki is the process of channelling the Universal Life Force through the hands.  Reiki helps to heal the body, mind and spirit.  It does this by accelerating the body’s own ability to heal itself physically and by opening the mind to the emotional and spiritual causes of dis-ease and pain.   

The flow of energy is experienced mostly as heat by both the person channelling the energy and those receiving, but it may also be experienced as a fine tingling, a tremor, and in cases of extreme need, a deep chill.

Most people having REIKI treatment become aware of tension dropping away while the ever chattering mind becomes still.  A deep sense of relaxation and an overall sense of well-being is felt.  On an emotional/spiritual level it is often experienced as a tremendous feeling of love and joy or as a sensation of release as old emotional conflicts start to resolve and melt away.

The practice of Reiki is carried out as the client lays, fully clothed, on a massage bed.  The practitioner lays their hands on the client in a sequence of moves to ensure every area of the body receives this amazing healing energy.  It is believed that the Reiki energy will automatically be directed to any area of the body that needs attention.

Reiki will benefit every individual, whether they are known to be ill or are generally in good health.  It promotes relaxation and encourages the body’s innate healing system to take action, repairing body, mind and spirit. 

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