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At Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat we practice nightly meditation to promote healing of the emotional and physical body- by reducing the heart rate meditation greatly reduces stress levels. As every part of the body becomes relaxed, the innate healing ability of the body can focus on areas needing healing.

Meditation at Mt NinderryMeditation is the state of thoughtless awareness, it is a natural state of consciousness that is reached when a still mind goes beyond normal awareness. This meditative state transcends all boundaries, unlike ordinary experiences that are limited by space and time. Meditation allows us to enter the blissful consciousness state of the eternal. It allows us to be present, right here, right now, no past, no future, in this state there is only peace and love.

During the process of meditation the chakras open and contract. As the mind becomes still and the muscles relax, the first layer (physical) of the aura spills over into the second layer (etheric).  The body becomes warm and tingly as the consciousness connects to the etheric and then expands into all other levels of the aura leaving the sensation of self-expansion. 

Divine guidance and inspiration flows freely as the consciousness connects with the higher mental layer.  In a person with a physical or emotional illness, the consciousness locks into the physical layer and focuses healing toward the material body.
By reducing the heart rate meditation greatly reduces stress levels. Every part of the body becomes relaxed, reducing the aging process and prolonging the body's growth period and cell reproduction.

Meditation allows us to access the vast inner resources of power and knowledge stored within the subconscious. It enables the conscious connection with our higher self, the part of us that is connected to the divine. It creates inner peace, love and harmony. Any tendencies of negativity and other fear based emotions such as anxiety vanish, as an inner knowing and awareness of who we really are becomes prevalent.

The practice of meditation involves sitting quietly, un-interrupted and consciously regulating the breath, beginning with a few deep breaths to bring a fresh supply of oxygen to the brain and to relax the body. From here controlled breathing is practiced for the duration of the meditation, approx 20 minutes or more. All attention is withdrawn from outside objects, instead focus is turned inward to a point of concentration such as the Third Eye Chakra (between eyebrows), or the Heart Chakra (at the heart centre). A mantra can be used to give positive focus to the mind, one mantra to use is 'Om'. Repeat this as you breathe in and out, otherwise just watch the breath. As thoughts come, and they will, notice them and let them go, giving them no substance.

Meditation is a natural healing process for the body as it relaxes the muscles, freeing them from degenerative stress.  A peaceful mind facilitates balance as well as evolvement of the soul.  Meditating regularly allows a person to enjoy a more content, joyful, energized life, becoming magnets to others that are drawn to their vibrancy.

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