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Lyn Nichols
A combination of  ‘The Journey’ Emotional Healing, Voice Dialogue and Reiki Healing

Lyn at Mt MinderryI was born in Western Australia, living there for 19 years before travelling around the country, living in the Northern Territory and North Queensland for a period of time before settling on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  A hairdresser by trade, I have dabbled in a few different areas including designing and sewing my own girls-wear label, retail and admin before being drawn to Natural Healing.  I have now found my passion and have been working part time in this area for the past 6 years.

I am a mother of 3 awesome teenagers whom I adore.
I am passionate about helping others discover the amazing innate healing ability of their own body.  Science has proven that disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment and that it thrives in acid, so to me, it is common sense that we need to alkalize our bodies in order to witness miraculous healings.  Along with this, it has also been proven scientifically that our cells hold memories and it is these degenerative memories that create chaos in our lives, eventually manifesting into physical illness if not healed.

My frustration about the lies we are constantly told and the lack of information we are given regarding the foods we are eating and the medicines we are prescribed (or should I say the poisons we are eating and the poisons we are prescribed) has led to a burning desire to open Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat. 

My vision is to educate guests and facilitate the body back into a harmonious balanced alkaline state so that you can live a more vibrant, fulfilled life.
I look forward to meeting and working with you soon.

Mariana Amar   Physic, Healer, Coach, Medium

Mariana comes to this retreat on a regular basis; please check with Lyn or email Mariana directly enquiring about her Yandina schedule.
Mariana Amar

Mariana was born in Switzerland and has lived and worked there as a language and literature teacher and life coach for many years. She has organized workshops and life skill seminars. Mariana knew she was psychic since her early childhood and witnessed many life events that proved it to her. She is a mother to four children, two boys and two girls.

Her life has been filled with travels to all continents and Mariana speaks and writes five languages fluently.

Since Mariana came back to Australia in 2002 she established an Australia wide clientele as a psychic medium and psychic clairvoyant. She attends many Psychic Fairs and Festivals around Australia and internationally. She also continues her work as a Reiki Master, Tamara Healer and Life Coach.

Mariana spends time in Australia, Switzerland and travels all over the world.

To read her testimonials and see her website click here

Susan Laughter Therapy

Susan is a member of the World Laughter Movement.  She has a passion for sharing laughter with ´The World´ and is currently on a world crusade promoting laughter along with its health benefits.
Susan Brown
Susan was awarded International Laughter Ambassador by Dr. Madan Kataria from India, the Giggling Guru, for her contribution in sharing the amazing benefits of laughter with the world. Dr. Kataria pioneered ‘laughter yoga’ in 1995 and in 2004 trained Susan to teach others to use these unique techniques on how to laugh without jokes or humour. 

Even if you don’t feel like laughing, (we fake ‘it’ till we make ‘it’) because the brain doesn’t distinguish the difference, the results are the same!

Research indicates that laughter produces natural killer cells which ‘eat tumors’ and that 20 seconds of laughter equals one minute of rowing.  Laughter and sex are the two things that give our body a total jogging inside a euphoria which affects the whole body in a most positive way.

Susan believes that through laughter you can clear a path to open up the “joy in you” so your life becomes so much happier. “When you´re laughing you actually set off this euphoria in your whole body, you´re unable to think of the past or the future, you are totally focused in THE MOMENT.”  At first, people are a little intimidated but once they get started they don’t want to stop because laughter is so contagious.

LAUGHTER definitely is the BEST MEDICINE

For more information on Susan click here

Blossom Goodchild Direct Voice Channel

Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channelling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. She has been channelling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ for ten years now and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of personal readings and group meetings.

Blossom GoodchildThese meetings have been recorded and ‘White Cloud’s words transcribed and subsequently published in three books. ‘Walking in the Light and the Love’, ‘The Spirit of ‘White Cloud’ and ‘A New Dawn’.

In addition to ‘White Cloud’s guidance on how to live our lives to the fullest he has also given us, through Blossom , a series of guided meditations to help us tune in to our Higher Selves.
Blossom also began communication with The Federation Of Light in 2005. These channellings have now become world renown. The information given can be found in three books from The Federation of Light, 'The Bridge', 'Snaphot' and 'Plan E.T'.

In addition to her spiritual work Blossom is also a wonderful actress, whose experience includes touring the UK in repertoires and musicals. Since immigrating to Australia in 2001 and settling in Noosa with her husband Goody and son Ritchie, she has firmly established herself as one of the finest actresses on the Sunshine Coast. Blossom has performed the one-woman show ‘Shirley Valentine’ as well as major roles in several David Williamson plays for the Noosa Long Weekend. She took on the challenging roles as the lead in ‘The Gingerbread Lady’ in which she won Best Actress and Performer of the Year for the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance STAR awards. She returned to the musical stage in Ian Mackellar’s ‘Now That’s Entertainment’ and has just finished performing in a world premiere season in Noosa in a new musical called MOMENTS, which was written for her and her co performer . Blossom is hoping to tour Australia with this production as and when the universe provides!!

Through all of these experiences, Blossom remains firmly grounded and with her easy laughter and warmth is a delight to be around.

For more information on Blossom click here

LTrisha Ehrlich- Crystal Healing  Angel Intuitive, IET

I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.I have embraced travelling and self-discovery for most of my life. Working with crystals & stones has been a long time passion of mine. Recently, I have taken this passion to the next level by becoming a CLH® therapist. Through my past life explorations, I have gained the ability to remember times in Atlantis as a Priestess Crystal Healer. These memories have become an important part of my healing journey and I deeply feel it is time for me to share this knowledge with others. Confirmations of my Atlantean past-life connection have been relayed to me by several people including the lovely Denise Linn® of Hay House®. After years of personal development and working with all different forms of Energy, (Reiki, Craniosacral, Yuen method, IET®, CLH®, Shamanism, Kundalini) I have found myself holding a new vibration.Through this self-discovery and healing I have tuned into my intuitive & artistic gifts. When I discovered my authentic self and purpose in this world, my life dramatically shifted. I met my soul mate, the man of my dreams & moved across the world to live in my own version of paradise, Australia.   My strong connection with water & nature is finally being nurtured full-time here in Ninderry, QLD.

My calling at this time is an Atlantean Lightworker and I look forward to working with people as an assistant to their own self-discovery & healing.                       

Lyndall Kennard  Massage, Reflexology, Detox Body Wraps,

13 years ago I had my very first reflexology treatment which proved to be life changing for me.  It was after this treatment- as I was leaving the therapists room I had a strong knowing that this was what I wanted to do with my life.  I made the decision there and then to help people heal, improve their health and with this, their lives.  4 and a half years of studying and training later, I am where I am today.  I feel very confident in what I do and enjoy it immensely. 

I have completed my Diploma of Massage, working the lines of Remedial, Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hawaiian, Thai, Indian Head, Lymphatic, Cranial Balancing and Hot Stones.  Along with this I have trained in Reflexology, Theta Healing and Detox Body Wraps.  I am a Medical Intuitive which means I receive intuitive guidance with my healing work.

Through massage I can guarantee that you will see improvement to circulation, muscle condition, lymph drainage and skin.  Massage relaxes the nervous system, reduces pain, increases red blood cell count, aids in the removal of waste and toxins in the body.

I look forward to working with you at Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat- for me, nothing compares to the satisfaction of helping another human being. 

Tamara Land Spriitual Healing, Reiki, Psychic Readings

Tamara offers 1.5hr session incorporating spiritual healing with a psychic reading.

Gaia Williams Radiant Light Yoga 

Fiona Yoga

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