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Ok, so how many times have we heard it, “You are what you eat!!!” Well, maybe it’s because it’s a fact - if you eat good wholesome, healthy foods that feed the body, not just the tastebuds, you feel great! Foods that have had the goodness taken out of them via bleaching and processing, then crammed with preservatives or chemical additives ARE NOT NOURISHING FOR OUR BODIES AT ALL. 

Do you realise that by feeding your body the wrong foods it will simply lower your energy, lay down fat, lower your sex drive and even your brain power! One way to look at it is, as spiritual beings we have been provided with this vehicle to get around in for the duration of our earthly experience, we need to look after it so we can fulfil our life purpose to our greatest potential.

We may not have total control over all aspects of our life, mind issues involving subconscious programming is much less within our conscious control, but the food we nourish our bodies with we can take 100% responsibility for! Organic foods of course are the ideal choice, grown without any pesticides and chemicals, but the fact that they are usually that bit more expensive puts them out of reach for a lot of individuals, that’s OK, just do the best we can by eating as much fresh, raw foods like salads, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes etc and make sure to wash them well before preparation to remove any chemical residue. Living foods are raw foods, still in their original state and containing their food enzymes. As soon as food is cooked, it loses these enzymes and some of it's nutrients, this is why fresh is best.

From a spiritual point of view, all of these products have a higher vibration than cooked and processed foods. By feeding our bodies in this way we are raising our own vibrations, an ambition of anyone on their spiritual journey.

The food we eat is fuel to our body just as deisel and petrol are to a car. Put in the wrong fuel and the car stops running smoothly, continue to do this for long enough and the car stops running at all.

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