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At Mount Ninderry Health Retreat, we place great importance on an Alkaline predominately raw organic wholefoods vegetarian diet- here is why....

The importance of keeping our body systems at a balanced Alkaline level of 7.3 is imperative.  Most people today have no idea just how much control they actually have over their own health and wellbeing. 
Our body’s pH level is measured on a scale of 0–14.  The perfect pH level for optimum health is 7.3.  Anything above this number on the scale is Alkaline and the lower numbers of the scale are Acidic.  An Alkaline pH means that the blood is  rich in oxygen and able to nourish all of the cells in the body systems, while an Acid pH means that the blood is deprived of oxygen and unable to perform this task easily.  When the blood is in an Alkaline state, the negatively charged exterior of the red blood cells are able to repel each other to keep each blood cell separate from the others- this enables the blood to flow freely and easily.  On the other hand, when the blood is in an Acidic state, the negative charge is stripped away, resulting in the red blood cells clumping together.  This means that the blood no longer flows easily and therefore oxygen and nutrients are unable to reach every cell in the body.  As disease cannot survive in a well oxygenated environment, this becomes a health dilemma.

The state of Acidosis is too much acid waste in the body.  Dr Theodore Baroody reported “The countless names of illnesses don’t matter- they all come from the same route cause which is too much acid in the body.”  As disease thrives in an acid environment- it is imperative we maintain and Alkaline pH.  Acidosis is a slow but sure death sentence!

Many factors contribute to Acidosis, some internal and some external, some we have control over and others we have no control over.  These factors include:  environmental pollution, chemical agriculture, un-pure water, polluted air, over processed foods, medicinal drugs including vaccinations, stress and negative emotions. 

Some acid forming foods include:  processed foods, alcohol and soft drinks, meat, dairy, white flour, eggs, sugar, coffee and artificial sweeteners. Alkalizing foods include most fruit and vegies- especially green leafy vegetables, some nuts and grains.  The easiest way to bring our body back to an Alkaline state is to keep a very strict diet of 80% alkaline foods, 20% acid.

Acidosis in the body creates the formation of dangerous acids that affect our cells, organs, glands and body functions.  Every sick person is over acidic.
Many years ago the course of medicine was changed when two scientists had an argument over what caused disease.  Pasteur believed in the Germ Theory and that disease was solely caused by microbes or bacteria that invaded the body from the outside.  Bechamp believed that the microbes change depending on the terrain (the Terrain Theory).  At the core of that terrain is the pH. In other words, the bacteria or microbe is already there in the body, but when the body environment changes due to the pH becoming Acid, the microbe goes through different stages of development and can evolve into disease.

Pasteur was the more extroverted of the two scientists and managed to convince the scientific community that his view alone was correct.  Science took on Pasteur’s belief that ‘disease comes from the outside’ and hence veered down the road that lead to allopathic medicine.  Years later, on Pasteur’s death bed, he finally acknowledged that Bechamp’s theory was right and said “Bernard was correct, the microbe is nothing – the terrain is everything.”

Unfortunately this statement came way too late.  The scientific community had already adopted Pasteur’s earlier belief and had no interest in thinking otherwise.  Today though, more and more people are opening their minds up to the possibility that this long held belief may just be incorrect.  More and more people are looking toward Natural Health alternatives- both product and therapies, looking internally for the answers to their health conditions.  More and more people are acknowledging Bechamp’s findings that disease comes from the inside- it is dis-ease in the body. 

The first place we should look if we are feeling unbalance is the internal state of our blood- is it in a healthy Alkaline state or an unhealthy Acidic state?

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