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A man named Fred Neal, through divine inspiration and an urgent personal need developed a way to imbue extraordinary levels of oxygen into bottled spring water. The available levels of oxygen in Liquid Manna exceed that in a hyperbaric chamber and the oxygen level in Royal Liquid Manna is substantially greater than that in Liquid Manna.  

An individual would normally have an oxygen reading of about 1,000 and a very good quality water might have an oxygen level of 1,500 . . . 2,500 is the highest he has ever tested. Now tighten your seat belt because Fred at first was able to create water that had a meter reading of 3,000,000. However, through successive enhancements, both products now test in the 100's of millions of oxygen units.

The best part is that these waters are stable and totally safe. The oxygen levels are not diminished in any way by heat, radiation, x-ray, microwave or elapse of time.  Humanity is now reaping endless benefits from these waters that have been providing simply miraculous results.

The Royal Liquid Manna was originally designed to serve burn victims by spraying it on the burns and, indeed, burn patients were experiencing miraculous recoveries in a fraction of the normal time and without scarring . . . imagine that!  Then a few creative people tried drinking the 16 oz bottle of Royal Liquid Manna and experienced reversal of symptoms of cancer, diabetes, heart conditions and a plethora of other serious conditions.  

You see, when you provide enough oxygen to the body, it has the perfect elixir to heal itself. In fact, it has been proven, decades ago, that pathogens cannot survive in a high oxygen environment.  Additionally, when provided with enough oxygen, the body will rather quickly attain a pH level between 7.0 and 8.0 which is much more alkaline than most people can achieve. Again, with an alkaline pH, pathogens cannot survive. Additionally, high levels of oxygen will quickly begin to displace accumulated toxins in your body. Put that all together and you have a magnificent formula to regain and maintain health. Royal Liquid Manna will promptly flood every cell of your body with healing oxygen.

So if you have a serious or even not so serious health issue, almost certainly it can be addressed and resolved by drinking a bottle of Royal Liquid Manna.  Are you beginning to see why "Manna," like in "Manna from Heaven," is such an appropriate name for this product?

So you might drink a 16 oz bottle of Royal Liquid Manna slowly over a matter of a few hours. Once you have done that, you probably will not need to drink another bottle for months or maybe ever again.  A bottle of Royal Manna can be put into a bath with you (UNOPENED) because a load of oxygen is radiated through the bottle into the water to deliver oxygen through your skin. Indeed, just holding the unopened bottle of Royal Liquid Manna against your body where you have a pain can provide great relief.

Regular Liquid Manna gives you a way to maintain high levels of oxygen day in and day out. Simply mix one tablespoon of Liquid Manna into a gallon of your drinking water to transform your water into a super-charged oxygenated elixir. Note that a single 16 oz bottle of Liquid Manna will treat 32 gallons of water and that will last most people two or more months. I should note that you can also add Liquid Manna to coffee, tea, juices, or whatever else you prefer to drink. All day, every day, you are providing your body exactly what it needs to attain and maintain perfect health. 

Feedback and testimonials that we have experienced and heard:
When I received my first shipment of the water, I immediately drank a bottle of the Royal Liquid Manna over about a 4-hour period. It just tasted like very good bottled water -- nothing out of the ordinary -- and I didn't notice any particular reaction right away, but by the next morning there was something very interesting going on for me. 

A little background . . . for the last 8 or 9 months, I have had a little sore on my chin just below my lip and it just would not heal.  When I was in Australia last summer, a friend of ours, who is a doctor specializing in skin cancers, took a look at that sore. She was quite concerned that it might be cancerous and took a biopsy. It turned out not to be a skin cancer and even though she tried freezing it, it still persisted. The morning after drinking the Royal Liquid Manna, I could tell something had shifted and the sore was starting to heal. Now, after 10 days, it is completely healed and I can hardly tell where it was. Most people won't think that is a big deal but it was like a miracle to me. A few years ago, I had a similar sore on my nose that had stayed with me for 20 years and I saw a repeat of that scenario developing. 

Fred has shared so many great results with me, and I would like to list a few of them for you.

  • Cancer, even very advanced cases, going into remission in very short order.  A friend of mine said his mother had just been diagnosed with "the fastest-growing cancer." He asked me if I thought the Liquid Manna would help her. I didn't know, but I told him she didn't have anything to lose. We put her on the Liquid Manna (starting with the Royal Liquid Manna) and 16 days later the doctor couldn't find any cancer in her body.
  • Diabetics have stabilized their insulin requirement and even succeeded in going off the insulin.
  • A wide range of heart conditions have been resolved.
  • Autism is reversed
  • Arthritis is eliminated.
  • Serious eye conditions have been reversed-  Fred's wife lost total vision in her left eye due to glaucoma 22 years ago. However, after using the full-strength Liquid Manna in her eyes several times a day for a year or two, she has regained a substantial amount of vision in that eye. People are reporting regained vision lost to macular degeneration and reversal of cataracts. 
  • A really phenomenal thing that many people have reported is scars going away. I'm talking about external scars that have been there for years and years. You can imagine that internal scarring is also being dissolved. You can accelerate the process of scar dissipation by often applying Liquid Manna with a saturated bandage, however, just drinking water treated with Liquid Manna all of the time will cause those scars to begin melting away.

I could just go on and on, but I am hoping that you are getting an idea of how marvelous these products are.  This is the breakthrough we have all been looking for.


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